Jack Anderson Elementary


Jags’ Little Cub House provides care for the Sumner County Board of Education Employees.  We accept children ages one through Pre-Kindergarten.

Jags’ Little Cub House Early Learning Center exists for the sole purpose of educating children in a loving, environment that will prepare them mentally and physically for the rest of their life.

Our Philosophy is based on love and respect for each child.  We understand and accept that each child is a special and unique individual and a beautiful gift entrusted into our care.

Our warm and loving home environment provides each child with the love and joy of learning and allows and encourages each child to realize the fullest potential in all areas of life.

Director:  Beth Gray 615-822-1195


Beth 150x150

Beth Gray

Madelyn Gray
Assistant Director


Jack Anderson Elementary is an exuberant learning community that focues on enriching the academic, social, and emotional success for every student, every day.


Jack Anderson Elementary is committed to:

  • enriching every student, every day, in integrated learning experiences that are relevant and necessary for the next level of success.
  • empowering learners to interact with purposeful dialogue as they ask, imagine, plan, create, and improve.
  • ensuring a collaborative culture exists to increase the capacity of staff as we evolve in professional and leadership opportunities.
  • entrusting strong community partners who provide guidance and assistance ncecessary for sustaining innovative progress.